Get Involved!

Now you can get directly involved with stopping sexual predators. began because of the alarming jump in sex crimes on children and adults.
The FBI and Parole are not able to do their jobs to prevent such crimes, with funding being cut back on their programs, so parents and kids themselves need to get informed on the ways to stay safe in their community.


Informing parents and kids about Safe and Unsafe behavior:

  • On The Internet
  • Texting
  • To and From School
  • At The Mall
  • Around the Neighborhood
  • With Friends
  • With Family

Kids and Family Resources

  • Self-defense classes for kids for sex and other predators
  • Whistle Program
  • Find Me Program
  • Kid Tracker Program
  • Stay Safe Program
  • DVD on Awareness for Kids coming soon
  • Personalized “Help Me” sign coming soon
  • Safe Phone Program

Community Awareness

  • Verification
    • Governmental databases
    • Address Checks
    • Neighborhood Survey
  • School Awareness Program
  • Church Awareness Program
  • Get the Word Out Program where neighborhood groups keep people informed of sex predators in their area
  • Start a community Stay Safe Program whereby kids and parents learn about safe and unsafe behavior that could make them vulnerable
  • Introduce Stay Safe Program in kids groups such as Boy and Girl Scouts, Little League, Church Youth Groups, Boys and Girls Clubs and other Community Outreach programs

Monitoring of sex predators pre- and post-release

  • Pre-release contract with individual for group or individual counseling
  • No-tip-off visits to their home to verify residence
  • Checking the premises to see if they are harboring anyone
  • Reporting anything that looks suspicious
  • Checking on their living status, thinking, job, meetings
  • Mandatory meetings with verification. Prisoners Anonymous (SA-emphasis with counselor monitoring) weekly meetings to be proposed to community and government. is a program of Dr Prison, Inc., a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. Phone 877-2-DrPrison (877-237-7747).


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